OmegaBytes Newsletter - April 2016

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OmegaBytes April 2016

Tubing Protection System - Rapid Response Problem Solving

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Tubing Protection System - Rapid Response Problem Solving

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 The Omega Tubing Protection System was developed in conjunction with a UK Operator as a potential solution to a junked well issue. The well had a stuck tool string at a significant depth and a collection of wire was unretrievable. The operator wanted to produce from the well but was concerned that the broken fragments would flow upwards causing issues in the Upper Completion. Omega's proposed solution was to utilise their existing gauge hanger as an anchoring base for high flowing tubing system which allows high bypass but also has the ability to capture debris.

View PDF Info Sheet:

  Tubing Protection System Data Sheet


Retrievable Bridge Plug Tool Family Schematic

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 Retrievable Bridge Plug Tool Family Schematic

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Download our new Retrievable Bridge Plug Tool Family Schematic which details the various Omega ancillary products that can be run in conjunction with the Gemini Retrievable Bridge Plug.

ReAct™ Completion Circulation Valve : Now ISO V0 Qualified!

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Omega Completion Technology is proud to announce that the unique ReAct™ Completion Circulation Valve (ReAct™ CCV) has recently passed a full-scale erosion test and thereafter a full ISO 14998 V0 qualification test. The valve is therefore barrier qualified according to the highest industry standards.

The Valve is the newest completion offering from Omega and is a game changer in the industry as it offers a new way to run upper completions with great cost - and time - savings!

The ReAct™ CCV incorporates Omega’s unique ReAct™ technology, which allows a downhole tool to be Remotely Activated without the need for control lines or intervention runs.

By running the ReAct™ CCV above the production packer, the operator can set the production packer, before displacing to lighter fluid. The valve can be remotely opened and closed by sending a pre-determined pressure signal.

Running the ReAct™ CCV gives many benefits for operators, including;

- Avoid the need for running middle completion strings, which drives cost and completion time.

- Allows displacing fluid above the production packer to prevent potential packer damage.

- Eliminate need for running control lines and smart completions.

- Eliminate need for running intervention tools.


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