Well Intervention Case Study: Fully functional High Expansion Gauge Hanger following recovery after 7 years in Operator Well

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An Omega Well Intervention 2” High Expansion Gauge Hanger (HEGH), complete with 4.5’’ Tubing conversion kit and a third party’s Pressure and Temperature sampling Gauge was installed in a North Sea Operator’s well on the 22nd September 2014.

The HEGH was deployed from a Light Well Intervention Vessel (LWIV) and was set in the well at a depth of 3330.5 meters MBRT, using an Omega 2.7’’ Hydrostatic Setting Tool on E-Line.

This tool was fully operational in the well until retrieval in June 2021; almost 7 years later. The HEGH was found to be in an outstanding condition upon return to Omega’s facility in Aberdeen, with all of the components remaining intact without damage and no visible signs of wear and tear.

The fact that the HEGH was manufactured using high quality materials (25%Chr) definitely attributed to the great shape and quality of the tool after 7 years of continual use.

The tool has now been stripped, cleaned, fully inspected for any discrepancy in tolerances, redressed and returned to the rental fleet, ready for use on its next job.

Kevin Wood, Omega Well Intervention’s Business Development Manager said:

“We are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a dependable, reliable and ease of use tool such as the ‘High Expansion Gauge Hanger’. The condition of the tool upon retrieval after such an extended deployment is testament to the robust design and use of high-quality materials in all of our products.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients both old and new with a service such as this in the future.”

Find out more about the High Expansion Gauge Hanger here and contact us if you would like our assistance with your well intervention operations.

Omega Well Intervention and Wellpro Group Extend Strategic Alliance to Asia Pacific Region

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Following the success of our strategic alliance in the MENA region we are delighted to announce the extension of our alliance to cover Asia Pacific. This agreement will see Wellpro Group managing the deployment of Omega Well Intervention products through their extensive network across the region.

Brian Garden, Managing Director of Omega Well Intervention said:

“This latest collaboration with Wellpro Group will enable us to offer decades of combined experience and a wider product range to the Asia Pacific market. With Omega’s extensive experience in developing and manufacturing downhole tools, this collaboration will provide Wellpro Group access to an engineering design team as well as manufacturing capabilities and test facilities for product development.”

Jim Thomson, CEO of Wellpro Group added:

“As well as helping our clients reduce costs and make operational efficiencies, we are now able to deliver a more complete well intervention package in this region through our strong alliance. Furthermore, our recent contract award with an International Oil and Gas Company in Asia further underpins our commitment to the region and the hiring of local personnel.”

Catching up with Greg Patterson, Machine Shop Manager of Omega Pressure Control Equipment

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We caught up with Greg Patterson, who has been with us at Omega Well Intervention (OWI) for 22 years this September. Having originally started as a Manual Machinist, Greg soon moved onto CNC Machines and was later promoted to Machine Shop Supervisor and then again to Machine shop Manager. Now, Greg is OPCE’s Machine Shop Manager and is excited to continue his journey here at Omega.

“One of the biggest changes in my role will be understanding how each process and sector of the company fits together to achieve overall company growth.”

Greg made the decision to move to Omega Pressure Control Equipment (OPCE) as he saw it as an opportunity to learn about other products on offer whilst assisting with production. At OPCE, a high percentage of parts can be machined in-house, without sub-contracting, which saves on operational time and cost.

Greg is eager to apply his vast amounts of experience to the new role:

“I started off as an Apprentice Fitter after leaving school at 16 and then worked for a few oil and gas companies, learning the trade as I went. Now, I can use all of the skills and experience I have gained to help OPCE get to where it needs to be.”

One of the most important lessons that Greg has learnt throughout his career is that life is far too short and to always live it to the fullest.

For more information on OPCE, visit www.omegapce.com

Catching up with Alastair Ellis, General Manager of Omega Pressure Control Equipment

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We were delighted to talk to Alastair Ellis, who is the General Manager of Omega Pressure Control Equipment (OPCE) and find out a bit more about his role.

OPCE was originally established due to the demand of Intervention Service companies who felt many equipment manufacturers had lost focus on spare parts and equipment delivery and lead times. The company offers equipment of the same industry standard as those offered by other OEMs at a cost-effective price.

People are core to the business. The Omega Management Team and staff have all worked in wireline, slickline operations or manufacturing for over 20 years on average so have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

During his working life Alastair’s main beliefs are:

People are all important whether it is clients or colleagues. Take time to get to know people. You are never too important to not roll up your sleeves and assist anyone. Stick by your promises, deliver on time.

Alastair originally started his career in 1982, with a small wireline manufacturer which later became NOV Elmar. By the end of Alastair’s time with NOV he was a Hemisphere Aftermarket Director based in Houston. Additionally, he worked for Schlumberger offshore and abroad for several years performing PCE audits in many global locations.

For more information on OPCE, visit www.omegapce.com