Downhole Camera Scaled Well Deployment

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Downhole Camera Scaled Well Deployment

Downhole Memory Camera Feb 2017

A central European customer who recently purchased an Omega Downhole Memory Camera to use independently without the need to deploy expensive electric line equipment and costly field specialists recently ran the tool themselves for an operator to investigate a dry gas well where production had slowed.

In the video we can clearly see the camera progressing into the well bore and down through various nipples, packer, tubing and crossovers until a depth of approximately 1000m was reached and finally into an area in we can quite clearly observe where large scale obstruction through the screens have occurred and eventually completely blocking off the well bore.

Deploying the Omega Downhole Memory Camera on slickline gave the operator a fantastic clear image of the issues in the well, helping them in decide on a way forward to control the scale while also demonstrating the cost effective benefits of capturing clear images with a memory type tool when real time transmission is either too expensive or not an available option at the worksite.

Completion: 3 ½“
Depth: 1000 m
Pressure: 100 bar
Temperature: 37 °C

For more information please visit the Downhole Camera product page.