Omega Welcomes New Team Members

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It’s been an exciting start to the year at Omega Well Intervention as we welcomed four new talented team members.

Richard Walker returns as Senior Electronics Technician, Cameron Steele becomes our latest Trainee Assembly Technician, Lynn Dawson will be handling all things sales and marketing, and Steve Reynolds brings his skills as our newest CNC Machinist.

Following their first few months at Omega Well Intervention, we caught up with them so they could tell you a little more about themselves.

First up, Richard Walker. Richard is responsible for production, maintenance and repair of the electronic elements of Omega’s Intervention products, and is a familiar face to many at Omega Well Intervention. And Richard has always had a passion for electronics:

“I have had a keen interest in electronics from a fairly young age, having been gifted Velleman© electronics project kits and working a Saturday job as a young teenager in an Electronics shop. This introduced me to the capabilities of electronic components at the time when I was looking to form a career path. I started my Electronics career as a cash register technician and joined Omega Data Services almost 20 years ago. I find myself back “Home” amongst many colleagues I worked with back then, and a host of new colleagues who have welcomed me back under the Omega umbrella.”

Cameron Steele becomes our youngest employee at the tender age of 17. Based in the workshop, Cameron’s main responsibilities consist of redressing bridge plugs and making redress kits up for the tools. Being his first role since leaving school, Cameron is excited to start his new venture: 

“Every day I am learning new skills and finding ways to do my job better. All of my colleagues have made me feel extremely welcome and have helped me settle in - I already feel part of the team.”

Lynn Dawson joins Omega Well Intervention as our Sales & Marketing Executive. From supporting Business Development Managers with sales enquiries to creating, developing and maintaining marketing materials, Lynn has a wide variety of responsibilities, and she’s very happy about that:

“I truly live by the mantra ‘variety is the spice of life’. Every day is a school day for me at the moment and every day looks very different. One minute, I can be working on sales related activities and internal procedures and then BOOM(!), I will do a 180 degree turn to work on marketing tasks.”

And last but not least, Steve Reynolds. An experienced CNC Machinist, Steve machines a variety of parts to drawings supplied and brings 35 years’ experience to the role:

“I’ve always had a very mechanical mind. As a child I liked maintaining my bicycles and I think that is what lead my career down the path it has gone. I applied for an apprenticeship with a global company (Ferranti defence systems) in my home city of Edinburgh and the rest is history.”

We’re sure you’ll join us in welcoming our newest recruits. We’re delighted to have them on board and can’t wait to see what the future brings for our talented team.