Catching up with Alastair Ellis, General Manager of Omega Pressure Control Equipment

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We were delighted to talk to Alastair Ellis, who is the General Manager of Omega Pressure Control Equipment (OPCE) and find out a bit more about his role.

OPCE was originally established due to the demand of Intervention Service companies who felt many equipment manufacturers had lost focus on spare parts and equipment delivery and lead times. The company offers equipment of the same industry standard as those offered by other OEMs at a cost-effective price.

People are core to the business. The Omega Management Team and staff have all worked in wireline, slickline operations or manufacturing for over 20 years on average so have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

During his working life Alastair’s main beliefs are:

People are all important whether it is clients or colleagues. Take time to get to know people. You are never too important to not roll up your sleeves and assist anyone. Stick by your promises, deliver on time.

Alastair originally started his career in 1982, with a small wireline manufacturer which later became NOV Elmar. By the end of Alastair’s time with NOV he was a Hemisphere Aftermarket Director based in Houston. Additionally, he worked for Schlumberger offshore and abroad for several years performing PCE audits in many global locations.

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