Catching up with Greg Patterson, Machine Shop Manager of Omega Pressure Control Equipment

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We caught up with Greg Patterson, who has been with us at Omega Well Intervention (OWI) for 22 years this September. Having originally started as a Manual Machinist, Greg soon moved onto CNC Machines and was later promoted to Machine Shop Supervisor and then again to Machine shop Manager. Now, Greg is OPCE’s Machine Shop Manager and is excited to continue his journey here at Omega.

“One of the biggest changes in my role will be understanding how each process and sector of the company fits together to achieve overall company growth.”

Greg made the decision to move to Omega Pressure Control Equipment (OPCE) as he saw it as an opportunity to learn about other products on offer whilst assisting with production. At OPCE, a high percentage of parts can be machined in-house, without sub-contracting, which saves on operational time and cost.

Greg is eager to apply his vast amounts of experience to the new role:

“I started off as an Apprentice Fitter after leaving school at 16 and then worked for a few oil and gas companies, learning the trade as I went. Now, I can use all of the skills and experience I have gained to help OPCE get to where it needs to be.”

One of the most important lessons that Greg has learnt throughout his career is that life is far too short and to always live it to the fullest.

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