Successful Suspension of a Problematic Well

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Omega Well Intervention Bridge Plug

In an operational first, Omega Well Intervention and R&D Solutions recently combined services to conduct a successful suspension of a problematic well for a major operator in Queensland, Australia.

This was the first operation in Australia using Omega’s V-Zero™ Plug Range with all operations carried out using in-country personnel. Plug selection for the operation was critical as a nipple-based plug and mono-bore plug had previously been tried but both failed. The well conditions at 4,350 meters were not for the faint-hearted as there was a window of only 0.38 meters in which to land the plug for isolation.

The results were outstanding. The 2.375” V-Zero™ Retrievable Bridge Plug was successfully deployed and tested, and the well was successfully and safely suspended. This marks the first time the Omega V-Zero™ API 11D1-V0 has been deployed in Australia and the first 1.75 Hydrostatic Setting Tool Deployment using E-Line Activation.

Richard Pyper, Business Development Manager at Omega Well Intervention, comments:

After only a short time aligning with R&D Solutions in Australia, the opportunity to assist with this operation was introduced to us. After much planning involving the client, Omega and R&D, further confirmation testing of Omegas 2.375” Plugs suitability was required giving all parties the assurance that we could effectively solve this suspension.

"We are thrilled with the result and are delighted to have partnered with R&D Solutions to provide a successful outcome on our first Australian RBP deployment. This shows how Synergies can work in the difficult and changing working environment and hopefully this will be the first of many!”

Alistair Paterson, R&D Solutions’ Eastern Australia Business Manager said: 

"We are pleased to have been able to provide a seamless solution that met the customer’s needs using the in-country staff. I look forward to working with Richard and the team further.”

Find out more about our V-Zero™ Plug Range.

New Accreditations Awarded to Omega

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American Petroleum Institute Certificate

At Omega Well Intervention, we’re starting 2021 with some very exciting news. We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded two accreditations by the American Petroleum Institute (API) with regard to our retrievable bridge plugs and our quality management system.  

The accreditations are API-11D1 and API Specification Q1; both awarded to Omega Well Intervention in November 2020.

API-11D1 gives our company access that can be API monogrammed to the global market and makes Omega Well Intervention a qualified supplier of retrievable bridge plugs. The accreditation covers our complete range of retrievable bridge plugs from 2 3/8” up to 7” and will also cover all new designs which follow the necessary requirements.

API Specification Q1 certifies that we have an approved quality management system. This includes design, manufacture and assembly through to testing, refurbishment and rental of well intervention equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The API accreditations provide our clients with the added assurance and evidence that each process within our organisation complies with a recognised international standard that is directly applicable to our industry. Furthermore, the license to monogram our Retrievable Bridge Plug product line is a service that can only be provided by companies with the relevant specification license.

API will also audit Omega Well Intervention annually. Regular audits ensure that compliance with these standards is maintained, proving to our clients that we are continuing to operate within the high level of quality standards that API requires. For many clients, this means that they do not have to send their personnel to us to complete audits, saving the client time and money.

“The accreditations Omega Well Intervention has been awarded allows our existing customer base to fully utilise our range of V-Zero™ RBPs, ensuring we are seen as one of the best companies within this field of expertise within the Well Intervention market space. It also allows new customers to add Omega Well Intervention as a credible approved vendor. We are delighted to have been awarded our API license on our first attempt. It is an even more significant achievement set against the backdrop of the pandemic, with all the associated restrictions and lockdowns. Gaining these accreditations was very much a team effort, and we are very proud of our staff, whose commitment has led to this award." Brian Garden, Managing Director

Omega goes from strength-to-strength maximising our market position, now backed up by our API licence. We continue to push the boundaries with a range of exciting new RBP products that we will unveil soon, enabling Omega to move to the next level.



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