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High Deviation Tool Strings

Omega has an extensive range of field proven products for use in high deviation wells. Our high deviation tool strings have been successfully deployed in wells with deviations of up to 84º.


Download The High Deviation Tool String Brochure

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Key products in our high deviation suite are:


Slickline Roller Sub

high deviation slickline roller sub


E-Line Roller Sub

high deviation e line roller sub


Horizontal Self Cocking Jar

high deviation horizontal self cocking jar


High Deviation Tubular Jar

high deviation high deviation tubular jar



  high deviation catapult


Case Histories

E-Line Roller Sub / Perforating Operation

High Deviation Catapult / Rolling System

Roller Gauge Carrier Data Acquisition

81º HCM "Plus" Sliding Sleeve Closure

78º Prong & Lock Body Retrieval


Animations Showing Omega High Deviation Tool Strings 






Transportation Box

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